One-year-olds are so easy to please… just one of the reasons we love them!

Children of this age begining to become familiar with various objects, shapes and colours and may even have a few favourites – a particular toy they’re never without, an animal they always pick out of the page of a book, a colour that they love more than the others.

So when choosing a party theme, ask yourself “what makes my child smile?” and take it from there.

Here are our 3 favourite party themes for one-year-olds:

1. Butterflies, Bumblebees & Buttercups

This garden-inspired girly theme incorporates bright colours, cute insects and pretty flowers.

2. Cars, Planes & Trains

Right from the get-go, boys simply love anything with an engine in it. Fact!

3. Animal Kingdom

A popular choice for both boys and girls turning 1, this theme is really versatile. Go with farmyard animals, jungle beasts, kittens and puppies or marine creatures – or even better, feature them all!